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The secretary general of China formwork scaffolding association visit formwork manufacturer-HY bridge formwork

Jul. 6th, 2017
As the professional formwork manufacturer in China, the secretary general of China formwork scaffolding association Gao Feng visited our company to guide the work on 9th, July, 2018.
Accompanied by the president of the company and all the managers of the company, the company went to the front line of formwork and scaffolding production to inquire and guide the site management of the company's workshop, new processing technology and new equipment.
Formwork Manufacturer  Formwork Manufacturer
The general manager reported the recent development of the company and the development plan at the later stage in detail. According to the situation at home and abroad and the industry trends, secretary general Gao Feng specially indicated on the problems existing in formwork manufacturer at present and put forward some suggestions on formwork and scaffolding in the design and production process. At the same time gave the direction for the next development.
This will help us become a more professional, advanced and reliable formwork manufacturer.
Formwork Manufacturer  Formwork Manufacturer

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