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Cast-in-situ concrete box culvert mould used for comprehensive pipe corridor construction project

Our company design and produce the cast-in-situ concrete box culvert mould for Jianguo road comprehensive pipe corridor construction project.
The steel mould adopts the mould structure similar to the tunnel platform, the side mould of the straight line adopts the double side door frame hanging slide type, which greatly improves the construction quality and construction efficiency.
In particular, cast-in-situ concrete box culvert with a no -pair rod it can be used to design for the straight line segment, which can greatly improve the waterproof quality of the main body and improve the construction efficiency.
The total length of pipe corridor is about 4.2km, located at the west side of the road, and the middle line of the tube is 22m.
Product Design Philosophy
The cast-in-situ concrete box culvert could also be called comprehensive pipe gallery, which is designed as a three-storey-rectangular section.
High Pressure Warehouse
Sizes: 2.5m x 3.1m
Place: arranged at the west side
Power: 4 loop 220KV power +6 loop 110KV power
Medium Pressure Warehouse
Sizes: 2.7m x 3.3m
Power: 32 hole 10KV power
Communication: 24 hole, and the DN400 pipeline is reserved under the communication.
Comprehensive warehouse
Size: 4.7m x 3.1m
The integrated warehouse pipeline is a DN1200 water supply, a DN400 distribution water, 3 DN300 reclaimed water, and a DN700 energy pipeline is reserved.
Product Grade
The whole line has the auxiliary structure such as feeding port, vent, outlet well, intersection and escape hatch. The main structural level of the pipe gallery, as below:
Safety : Grade 1
Waterproof : Grade 2
Anti-seismic: Grade 2
Structural crack control: Level 3
Concrete crack control standard:≦0.2mm
Concrete structure environment: Class B
The design of the integrated tube gallery: 90 years.
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