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Steel structure for Jinan west station

As a professional steel structure supplier in China, our design and products have been involved in many projects. This year we participate in Jinan Xi, Shandong Province passenger station truss project construction.
Project Overview:
The Beijing to Shanghai high-speed railway Jinan west station adopts “the up to enter, down to exit” passenger flow pattern. The station layout is divided into two area.
Part I: main part, mainly for the pit stop, feeder, the ticket hall and office equipment room.
Part II: mainly for station construction within the scope of content, including the platform, elevated waiting area, underground corridors, no standing pillar canopy.
The advantages of our company’s steel structure
1.High material strength and light weight.
High strength of steel, high modulus of elasticity. Under the same stress condition, the steel structure has small sections, light weight, easy to transport and install, suitable for large span, high height, bearing heavy structure.
2.Steel toughness, good plasticity, uniform material, high reliability.
It is suitable for bearing shock and dynamic load and has good seismic performance. The internal structure of the steel is homogeneous and close to isotropic homogenate.
3.Customized steel structure for clients with high quality and reasonable price.
Many steel structure suppliers participated in the bidding, but our company's design and production products are favored by construction party and contractor.
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