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Designed Hydraulic Clamping Mould Successfully Finished Construction

Hydraulic clamping mould used in the second cable-stayed bridge main tower of Tonghai road, Xining Haihu new district.
The second cable-stayed bridge main tower of Tonghai road, Xining Haihu new district, the tower is 106 meters high, and the overall design is swan landscape shape.
The lower tower, 23 meters, is a four-sided vase hollow structure, with more than 20 different internal cavity. The side mould of hydraulic clamping mould is assembled in the company, and the positioning pin shaft is added between the mould. The site assembly is fast and easy to assemble, and the construction of the lower tower pier is completed about 40 days.
The shape of the tower block is complex, and our company has designed a universal hydraulic clamping mould system which can adapt to the front, rear and side Angle of no more than 15 degrees.
This system consists of hydraulic climbing system, the mould system and 6 layers of working platform system, since the 3 # temporarily put down and tie a construction period of reinforcing steel bar, casting section 2 # platform easy measurement control and adjust the platform, 1 # template for inside and outside the lever operation platform, 0 # platform for template inside and outside translation operation and clean up after using the template stripping, 1 # platform for the operation of the control system of hydraulic climbing the main operating platform, - 2 # platform for embedded parts removed and concrete surface decoration operation platform.
Hydraulic clamping mould adopts hydraulic control to remove and fold mould, and the construction is safe and convenient.
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