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Yatai north street Kuancheng district, Changchun, Ji’Lin Province

Project location: Yatai north street,
Kuancheng district, Changchun, Ji’Lin Province
Project year:2017
Form Traveler Design Principal on This Project:
The bridge spans have many traffic lines, and according to the actual construction conditions, form traveller balanced cantilever construction method is the ideal choice.
Form traveller balanced cantilever construction method has the advantages of simple structure, stress clear, easy disassembling anchoring forces and completely do not take up the road, do not need to interrupt the road traffic, lifting point are a beam above the surface to construction, personnel operating space is big, good for construction, etc.
Project information: This bridge is designed for urban expressway grade, with a design speed of 60 km/h and a two-way 6 lane. It is a double - tower double - cable prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge. The bridge arrangement is 84m+200m+84m, length of the main bridge is 368 meters, both sides of the main bridge are connected to the approach bridge, which is 180 degrees from the Beijing to Harbin railway.
Bridge basic technical analysis and construction site description:
26# and 27# main pier of main bridge adopted the 64 pieces Φ2.0m reinforced concrete bored piles, total 1865 linear meters. 16 pieces Φ1.5m is used in the 25# and 28#pier, main pier foundation of reinforced concrete bored piles, total 696 linear meters.
The tower is H type, and adopts C50 reinforced concrete box type thin-wall structure, which is divided into lower tower column, middle tower column and upper tower column, with upper and lower crossbeams. The 26# main tower is 82.6 meters high, and the 27Z# main tower is 86.9 meters high.
The side piers are double-column reinforced concrete bridge piers. The main beam adopts C50 reinforced concrete double-box beam, the beam width is 29m, and the beam height of the bridge pier section is 3m. The cable-stayed cable adopts two-layer PE protection semi-parallel hot galvanizing low stress anti-corrosion steel wire rope, a total of 120.
Our company design and produce two sets of form traveller for this balanced cantilever construction method bridge.
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