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Cast in situ bridge construction of movable scaffolding system for newly built passenger and cargo mixed railway line

We design and produce movable scaffolding system used for Cast in situ bridge construction. There are 177 pieces of the 32m simple supported box girder in the Pan bridge, and there are 10 pieces of the 24m simple box girder. The beam body section type is single box single-chamber simple box girder.
It's passenger and cargo mixed railway line (Wenzhou section), Speed 200km/h, Length: 6199.72m.
The bridge width is 13.0m and the total width of the bridge construction is 13.4m. The length of the 32m simple support box girder is 32.6m, the calculation span is 31.1m. The length of the 24m simple support box girder is 24.6m, the calculation span is 23.1m. In the center of span, the beam height is 2.8m, and the support part is 3.0m, and the transverse bridge is 4.7m to the center of the support.
Beam body alignment control:
1.After deducting the influence of self-weight, the upper camber of the prestress is generated: the linear beam is 14.47mm and the curve beam is 15.06mm;
2.Static deflection: the linear beam is 7.60mm, which is 1/4092 of the span.
3.Anti-arch setting: the theory calculates that the anti-arch value of the span is 22.5mm, and the other positions are transferred by quadratic parabola.
The concrete of beam body is concrete with strength grade of C50. The strength grade of the anchor is C50 without shrinkage concrete, the ballast tank, the curtain, the cable trough vertical wall and the concrete strength grade of the cover plate are C40. Beam weight is about 800t.
Cast in situ bridge construction features are as below:
1.The construction is not affected by the conditions such as the river, the clearance of the road bridge and the foundation.
2.The construction process is programmed, the degree of mechanization is high, the quality is good.
3.Stress clear, safety, construction deformation and quality are relatively easy to control.
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