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Precast caisson construction in Sha He river wharf

Sha He river wharf belongs to caisson gravity type wharf, a total of 67 prefabricated caisson need. According to the standard box shape, there are 63 boxes and 4 special-shaped ones.
According to the caisson function, there are 59 dock caisson, 8 slide caisson.
The precast caisson adopts the construction method of horizontal stratification. The precast caisson mould is made of fixed and combined steel formwork as the board surface, and the shape steel casing and steel truss as the formwork skeleton. The steel reinforcement of the bottom plate is bound on site, and the steel reinforcement of the wall is combined with the installation of pre-tied steel mesh sheets. The concrete is transported horizontally from the concrete mixer truck to the site. Mobile tower crane is arranged on both sides of the precast platform of the precast caisson.
The upper side mould is divided into 8 pieces according to the size of the caisson. The upper inner mould adopts the structure of combined steel formwork transverse row and vertical truss. Four pieces of inner mould through the lifting frame connected into a whole.
Precast caisson mould has the following features:
1. The seam of the mould is smooth, strict and free from leakage.
2. Convenient disassembly and multiple turns
3. High precision and small error
4. The mould is made of quality steel and is not prone to deformation
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