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Hydraulic precast segment mould contribute to China railway construction

Project Overview:
Qingdao to Lianyungang railway project is a new 200km/h High Speed Railway. According to the actual construction span requirements, our company has provided the project with short-line hydraulic precast segment mould.
1. segment mould length: 3m
2. segment mould height: 2.2m
3. precast segment box girder weight: about 42t
The production advantages of our company’s hydraulic precast
Project duration: October, 2014-2018
Investment Amount: 23770 millions RMB
Project location: From Qingdao city, Rizhao city of Shandong province to Lianyungang city of Jiangsu province
Construction scale:
Whole length: 115.047km
(107.159km in Shandong province and 7.888km in Jiangsu province)
Major technical standards:
1.Classification of railways: Ⅰclass, electrification
2.Planned project duration: 50 months.
Hydraulic precast segment mould advantages: the process of the actual beam prefabricated, the precast speed is fast
2.The hydraulic precast segment mould can realize the precast of variable length, variable section and curved segment.
3.Automatic adjustment of mould: the accuracy of the three-way alignment is up to 1mm, and only one hour to adjust the mould.
4.the installation without the closed traffic
5.the prefabricated site is small, suitable for the continuous or other bridge structure
6.the apparent quality is good
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