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Precast T beam formwork Qatar super full span T beam formwork

Project Overview:
The Precast T beam formwork delivery is short, the quality requirements are strict, and the length of the standard segment, the position of the end transverse baffle and the angle of the end transverse baffle are all different.
Our company finished the whole process of design, manufacture, commissioning, acceptance checking and loading container within one and a half month. Besides, the shipping to the destination, actively after-sales staff training and installation instruction of the precast T beam formwork, all are win customer’s praise.
Construction scale:
653 pieces of beam,196 different lengths and angles, and 10 sets of mould need to complete the common prefabrication of nearly 200 different beam types.
The type of precast T beam formwork:
U-shaped (adopts the European standard design)
The type of the curve section:
adopts the t-shaped straight line to replace the curve
The advantages of our precast T beam formwork:
1.Convenient adjustment
2.High recognition more than common size design
3.Free assembly
4.Subsequent installation
5.Easy to removal of the square
6.High efficiency
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