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Cast-in-situ hydraulic tunnel formwork used for connecting Qingdao tunnel with Lianyungang Railway

According to the construction requirements, our company design and produce 12 meters Dengtao tunnel cast-in-situ hydraulic tunnel formwork, play an important role in the tunnel construction, effectively improve the efficiency of the construction and speed up the construction progress.
The total length of Dengtao tunnel is 910m, and the smooth construction of the tunnel affects the project progress of the entire Qingdao to Lianyungang railway.
Product Construction Technology
The tunnel lining adheres to the principle that "the inverted arch is properly advanced, the whole lining of the wall is closely followed".
The bridge has been used to solve the transportation problem in the tunnel when the arch and the inverted arch are filled. After the completion of the inverted arch filling construction, use the multi-functional operation platform to manually lay the waterproof plate and bind the reinforcement.
The secondary lining of the arch wall adopts hydraulic monolithic lining, which is used for the secondary lining of the arch wall. Concrete is used to mix in the outside of the hole, the concrete special transport truck is transported to the hole, and the concrete is sent to the mould by the pump.
Product Design Characteristic
There are only 100 screw support bars of the 12 meters cast-in-situ hydraulic tunnel formwork, which can realize quick mould folding and walking.
The advantages of Cast-in-situ hydraulic tunnel formwork are:
Good surface effect of concrete
Simple lining
Mould with a convenient and quick
Hydraulic support
Shuttering operation function adjustment,
Realizes the hydraulic manipulation convenient
Line control walking safe and reliable operation.
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