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China Railway choose our 32m, 24m span hydraulic full span precast box girder formwork for Ji'nan to Qingdao HSR Project

This HSR project has different spans requirements from 24M to 32M. Our company has designed and produced the hydraulic full span precast box girder formwork accordingly, which can meet the conversion between 32M to 24M beams.
Full span precast box girder formwork is composed of side mould, bottom mould, end mould and inner mould, and has the advantages of lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, which can adjust the anti-camber smoothly; variable diameter cross section direct collection, automatic shift, hydraulic system remote operation.
Project duration: 2016-2020
Investment Amount: 60 billion RMB
Construction scale:
Whole length: 307.83KM, which include roadbed 13.778KM.
Span: 22 with total length 253.792km.
Tunnel: 2 sections with total length 17.35KM.
Major technical standards:
1.Railway Type: passenger railway
2.Main line: double lines
3.Speed target: 350KM/h
4.Minimum curve radius: 7000m
5.Maximum grade: 20‰, the difficult section is no more than 30‰.
6.Planned project duration: 48 months.
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