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Hydraulic Precast Segmental Box Girder Formwork Used in Railway Construction from Datong to Zhangjiakou in Hebei Section

Project Overview:
Our company has designed and produced hydraulic precast segmental box girder formwork for this project, and adopts the full hydraulic system, which consists of side mould, bottom mould, end mould and inner mould and improves the working efficiency greatly.
The advantages of our precast box girder formwork
1.The spiral support system is less.
2.Concise hydraulic system: the hydraulic system of the pipeline is small, the function is strodng, the failure rate is less, the noise is small, the maintenance is convenient.
3.Bailey keel, the inner mold structure is not deformed during the actual hoisting process.
The hydraulic precast segmental box girder formwork with the full hydraulic system improves the working efficiency greatly.
Project duration: 2016-2019
Investment Amount: 1960 millions RMB
Project location:
High Speed Railway from Zhangjiakou, Hebei province to Shanxi province.
Construction scale:
Whole length: 140.079km (15.799km in Hebei province and 124.280km in Shanxi province).
Major technical standards:
1.Classification of railways: High Speed Railway
2.Main line: double lines
3.Speed target: 250km/h
4.Minimum curve radius: general 4000m, the difficult section 3500m.
5.Maximum grade: 20‰, parts 25‰.
6.Effective length of arrival line: 650m
7.Planned project duration: 48 months.
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