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Precast segment mould
Precast segment mould
Precast segment mould
Precast segment mould
Precast segment mould

Hydraulic Precast Segment Box Girder Mould for Shortline

According to the length, type and quantity of the segment. The Hydraulic Precast Segment Mould for Shortline is composed of side mould, inner mould, bottom mould, bottom mould trolley, fixed end mould, fixed end mould support frame, etc.
Parameter information
Hydraulic Precast Segment Mould for Shortline have the advantages of fast prefabrication speed, good apparent quality, small prefabrication site, no need to close traffic etc.

Precast segment mould refers to the whole span beam divided into different segments. After precasted in casting yard, it is transported to the site of the girder, which is pieced together by a special segment girder launcher to be assembled into span and completed span by span.
Technical Design
Short line mould:
Each segment casting of the Shortline Hydraulic Precast Segment Mould are conducted in the same special mould, the end is a fixed end mould, on the other end for the concrete beam segment as the matching segment, casting segment position remains the same. The geometric position of the matching segment is adjusted.

As the benchmark of the whole mould, the fixed end mould must ensure that the mould has sufficient strength and precision.

The bottom mould needs to realize translation and rotation function, and can drive the whole longitudinal shift of matching segments.

The side mould must have sufficient strength, can the overall stripping, easy to support and facilitate. Mould should be meet the fine-tuning of transverse and height direction and can realize the overall longitudinal side mould moving distance.

The inner mould needs to consider the mould transformation caused by the change of the section in different segments and can meet the hydraulic ejection and the inner mould needs to achieve the overall longitudinal migration.
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