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Hydraulic Box Girder Formwork
Hydraulic Box Girder Formwork
Hydraulic Box Girder Formwork
Hydraulic Box Girder Formwork
Hydraulic Box Girder Formwork
Hydraulic Box Girder Formwork

HSR Full Span Hydraulic Box Girder Formwork

HSR Full Span Hydraulic box girder formwork is composed of side formwork, bottom formwork, end formwork and inner formwork, which can meet the conversion between 32M and 24M beams.
Parameter information
HSR full span hydraulic precast box girder formwork is used for various types of railway box beam prefabrication, lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, which can adjust the anti-camber smoothly.
◆1.Variable diameter cross section direct collection, automatic shift, hydraulic system remote operation.
◆2.The spiral support system is less.
◆3.The concise hydraulic system, the hydraulic system of the pipeline is small, the function is strong, the failure rate is less, the noise is small, the maintenance is convenient.
◆4.Bailey keel, the inner mold structure is not deformed during the actual hoisting process.
Constructure and Features
The bottom formwork adopts concrete pedestal. The side formwork is composed of the transverse mode rib panel and the bracket, section length is divided according to partition span. The inner formwork is composed of transverse ribs, panels and supports.
Both side formwork and inner formwork adopt hydraulic control and closing technology to reduce the input of manual and mechanical equipment and reduce the cost of use.

HSR Precast Box Girder Hydraulic Full Span Mould Introduction

◆1.Pedestal: according to the design requirements of the formwork, the layout of the prefabricated platform should be made, and the layout planning and design of the track layout, especially the horizontal spacing of the prefabricated pedestal, and considering its upward and downward displacement, the height of the pedestal is higher than the traditional formwork.
◆2.Side formwork: the trolley is set at the bottom of the side formwork, which is used for the falling and rolling of the formwork. The trolley will place the top lift oil cylinder, and the spiral support, the ground design is embedded in the track, so that the trolley can slip out.
◆3.Hydraulic system: the hydraulic system platform is fixed with the side formwork, which is divided into transverse hydraulic system and vertical hydraulic system, and the lateral movement and vertical adjustment of the overall side formwork are realized in the template installation and removal procedures.
◆4.Inner formwork: inner formwork setting at the bottom of the steel plate, used for formwork sliding out and prevent pan pulp. Formwork has two slices, unilateral closed or completed, and then closed and the other side, both sides after the completion of the move to the middle, easy to slide out.
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HSR Precast Box Girder Hydraulic Full Span Mould Introduction
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